Project Description

Kerry B Ryan Blues Experience

An exciting and soulful Blues guitarist with sweet Blues tones, born in North QLD, now living in the hills outside Perth WA.

Playing electric blues inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, B.B King, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others. But has his own style, playing with heart and soul drawing on a wide range of influences, Kerry gives all to his performances whether solo or with his band – always aiming to give the audience the best show he can.

Kerry lives a varied life, starting his working life at 14 – working on cattle stations in north QLD, carrying a guitar with him from place to place, sitting-in with bands from the age of 16, but not joining a band until moving to Western Australia – where he started working in a local music store. After playing in Blues bands for 15 years and doing the country circuit for 8 years, Kerry put down the guitar to raise a family and went back to breaking horses, and making saddlery.

Returning to music in 2010, he has since released his first CD recorded completely at home on a 8-track titled “Blues for my sweety”, played at many venues around WA and is now recording his 2nd CD.

The music he plays ranges from straight up electric blues to acoustic and resonator style blues. Playing Blues clubs around Western Australia, as well as folk clubs, pub venues and has played large blues and folk events – such as Bridgetown Blues and roots, here in WA.