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The Story of the West Coast Blues Club so far...

The West Coast Blues Club burst onto the scene - with its opening night - on 1st August 2001, when an appreciative crowd of around 150 people enjoyed a great night's music.

The local house band was supplemented with several Perth Blues Club stalwarts, who had made the trip down from the "big smoke" of Perth to give the club a warm welcome on to the Blues Music scene.

The West Coast Blues Club, along with the Perth Blues Club, the Southwest Blues Club and the Albany Blues Club, will continue to provide musicians with a variety of venues, and all the clubs mutually help to spread the Blues Music word amongst the West Australian music-loving public.

Musos and punters alike... Get down to the West Coast Blues Club...

Our current venue is at the Fremantle Navy Club.

To contact us, please send an email to nick@westcoastbluesclub.com.au.


Here are some shots from the first night's entertainment... Please click on the thumbnail to view the larger picture.


The future of the West Coast Blues Club is good. The club is currently located at our new home in Fremantle (Navy Club). Our aim is to maintain friendly events in environments that all talented adults and youth can enjoy. Where they can feel comfortable attending, displaying their talents and enriching their love of music. The club is proactive within the community. West Club Blues Club holds fundraisers, music events, jam nights, community events and trips to other blues music events within Australia.

Jam Sessions - The Jam sessions are designed for both the up-and-coming youth in our community, as well as our adult "jammers".
Through our Newsletter and Posters displayed throughout our Community, we invite you all to come to our Club.
All are welcome, and all jammers will have full support and guidance from our team of dedicated musician volunteers. This is a great benefit for anyone wanting to further their career in the Music Industry.

The 2018 - 2019 Elected Club Committee Members are:

P.O. Box 638, Rockingham, WA 6968 Webmaster: Nick Leach –  nick AT westcoastbluesclub DOT com DOT au
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