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Ali Penney
Before Top Dead Center (BTDC)
Big Town Players
Blind River Blues Band
Brown Dog and the Mutleys
Empire Blues
Home Brew
Kerry B Ryan
Loaded Denim
Matty T Wall
Midnight Jammers
Mike Elrington
Moonshine Trust
Paul Daly & The Heavy Hitters
Steely Blues
Steve Tallis
TH and the Esquires
The Hips
The Vibrolators
Tin Dog
Zack Linton Trio

Alison Penney Ali Penney

Ali Penney is a piano player, vocalist and writer - based in Sydney, Australia.

Her journey in The Blues - covers the last fifteen years, playing with renowned bands such as The Hippos, Lil Fi, Midnight Ramblers and Supro.

Ali has performed in the Australian touring bands of Andrew 'Junior Boy' Jones, Lloyd Jones, and Fiona Boyes. Most recently, Ali has put her own band together, The Money Makers, and has recorded her debut album: Temptation.

Ali won the Australian Blues Music Award for Best Band 2010. She also won Sydney Blues Society Performer of the Year Competition in 2009, and represented NSW in Memphis 2010 and 2011. She spent a month in New Orleans and sat in with Walter Wolfman Washington and The Palm Court Orchestra.

She has hit the road bringing her own brand of good-time boogie and blues to appreciative audiences across the land down under. On this, her third trip to the West Coast, she is part of the Vibrolators energetic roadshow promoting the release of her latest collaboration with those Wild West Coast Hipsters of the Blues.. "Frangipani".

You can visit Ali on:- www.myspace.com/alisonpenney
& see her performance at the Sydney Blues Festival 2009 Windsor NSW:- www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0_mUP4PT2U

BTDC Before Top Dead Center

Before Top Dead Center (BTDC) started in 2011 when singer/songwriter Jelly Roll and Guitarist Conrad Rod began drinking heavily together, whining incessantly about how they could do it better. But to accomplish this feat, to satiate their burgeoning egos and to show the world how it's really done, they would need a band name......... and a band!

But no ordinary band, the players must not only be consummate musicians, supreme troubadours..... but they must all have super powers.

The search was on for a magical drummer, a mythical, elusive timing maestro. Who possessed the power to strike the drum, not at Top Dead Center, certainly not After Top Dead Center, but only, BEFORE TOP DEAD CENTER.

Knowing that drummers often leave their sticks on the dash and use handicapped parking bays, Jelly and Conrad staked out a likely bay and set a trap. Under a washing basket, they place a stubby of Coopers and half a drum stick. They retired to the bushes and waited patiently. It was not long before they trapped a slightly wild but talented specimen. After a bit of a struggle, they all got up, brushed off the dirt and became best of friends. The magical drummer's name was Cooper Stubby! That night they got very very drunk rocking out all night with an old Roland bass machine. Needless to say, next day everyone was very embarrassed.

Anyway, the quest continued and one night while walking through the woods, Jelly, Conrad and Cooper Stubby met a strange bearded Gnome named Kwad Boks. He was standing on the bridge that crossed the small stream on the way to the pub. Kwad Boks challenged the trio by wielding a Fender Precision bass plugged into a 500 Watt valve amp and demanding payment to cross the bridge. Jelly shrieked a high B flat and ran, Stubby stepped back and raised his sticks but they were no match for the Gnome and his bass. Conrad whipped out a Fender Stratocaster and jacked it into the busking amp that he always carried in his pocket, they clashed. The battle raged for three sets but with no victor. After a while, they gave up the fight and in absolute awe of each other, they all went to the pub.

Magic was in the air, wine flowed and the Blues Gods smiled upon the happy foursome, but not all was right, the magical band was still not quite complete. An ethereal fifth element was still missing. Then one day, a chariot of fire descended from the very heavens above. In the BTDC rehearsal room an apparition appeared and said to Jelly, Conrad, Stubby and Kwad, "get thee now to the tavern for ye shall find now, what thine seeks".

The magical foursome rushed to the tavern. Entering, they witnessed upon the stage a golden, mystical figure sitting cross legged under a Bodhi tree. It was Vox Populi, Keeper of the Keys jamming with the local mortals. When he was a child, Vox's fingers were enchanted by a good witch. From the stage emanated magical, heavenly, hammond tones, and vibrant, brilliant colours of every hue. Vox had been waiting for the three boys and the gnome. Now by divine intervention, the missing fifth element, an ethereal being Vox Populi, Keeper of the keys, joined the jolly band.

The long BTDC journey is now in motion, and coming your way. As long as the magic music plays, the beer will flow. Like a finely tuned and timed engine BTDC revs on the beat, playing hypnotic, pumping, rhythmic, magical grooves. Sending dancers into an uncontrolled frenzy, peaking in the extreme desire to remove clothing and drink more beer.

BTDC Booking Information - MOBILE 0419 938 827
email btdc.band@outlook.com

Big Town Players Big Town Players

The Big Town Players are a harp/ guitar-driven old-school Rhythm and Blues band with a 90% original repertoire and have been playing around town for nearly 3 years. Their blues covers range from Taj Mahal to The Red Devils. Featuring local stalwarts Howie Smallman, Phil Bradley, Pete Lisiewich and Phil Riseborough, the band boasts 4 vocalists and has been wowing audiences at the Perth Blues Club and other local haunts with their energetic, spirited performances. Sporting a weighty, traditional-style old-school sound with a new-school approach to songs and song-writing, the Big Town Players promise to be a wild card on the local scene. The band has recently recorded its debut album.

Howie has played at the Festival of Adelaide, Blues at Bridgetown in Lee Sappho And The Body And Fender Band, as well as Bridgetown in other outfits including The Hips. Phil Riseborough has played Bridgetown with The Hips, and Phil Bradley has played Bridgetown as a solo act.

In 2017 The Big Town Players appeared as guests of The Perth Blues Club, playing a resounding set that had the punters dancing from the first number.

Phone Howie on 0408 099 559

Blind River Blues Band Blind Blues River Band

The Blind River Blues Band:

Together for only six months this band is already creating excitement in the Perth Blues Community.

The line-up features on Vocals and Guitar Danny Needham (Choppers), a well known journeyman player originally learning his art in his native Yorkshire.

On Lead Guitar and Vocals is Chris Peniston (Jimi) who honed his craft in a succession of bands on the East Coast before heading West a few years ago.

On Bass Guitar is Ian Rutter (Mr Cool), who first came to prominence with the UK band "The Crew" and enjoyed top ten success with them on the UK charts. Ian has played with many fine WA bands over the years.

The Drummer is Chris Fayle (Bear) who talks little about his past other than the fact that his music career started in Newcastle NSW many decades ago, and that he hits stuff for money.

With the regular Blues Harp player (Adam) in Uganda on UNESCO business the great Eddie Powell has agreed to join us for a blow.

The band plays Chicago style Blues with an injection of attitude. We hope you enjoy!

Booking Information - MOBILE 0412 840 422
email Blind River Blues Band - chris.peniston@bigpond.com

Brown Dog and The Mutleys Brown Dog and The Mutleys

Are a high energy, Rockin' Blues band, who deliver a great night's entertainment. Brown Dog and the Mutleys are a 4-piece band - consisting of Brownie with his truly outstanding vocals, rhythm and lead guitar. He has spent the last 22 years honing-in on his craft as an all round entertainer in New Zealand and Western Australia; performing at pubs, clubs, corporate gigs, concerts and festivals.

Lindy Rooney - Harmonica Blues Queen, playing both rhythm and lead harmonica with a flamboyant style. She also adds soulful backing vocals. Lindy has gigged along-side Brendan Powers - world-renowned harmonica virtuoso; also various well-known blues artists in New Zealand at Jazz and Blues Festivals.

Merv Kaukau - Dynamic Drums and Percussion, moved to Australia in 1988 and joined Roy Cooper (of Custer's Last Stand fame). Roy Cooper's Rock and Roll Show, playing all around Sydney, then later joined show-band The Maori Volcanic's, touring around the Eastern States and NZ; after that, joined a Rock-and-Roll Band, called Mr James Band - also in Sydney, before arriving in Perth in 2008. Since then, has been playing in various top-notch bands here in Perth, to finally rest with the one and only Brown Dog and the Mutleys.

Bruce Turner - Bass Player. Originally from New Zealand, Bruce has been based in Perth since February 1994. Prior to settling in WA, Bruce was to be found behind the drum-kit in several notable bands in and around his home in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty region. As a guitarist from a young age and having studied classical guitar, Bruce has a passion for all things Guitar and Bass in addition to his penchant for percussion and rhythm. Upon arriving in Perth, Bruce initially played drums for several bands during the early/ mid 90's; however, it was not long before Bruce was being approached to take up roles as a Bass Player. Bruce has never looked back as his transition back to Bass has provided him with many memorable experiences - playing for and supporting many notable musicians in both the local and national music scene. Bruce has had the privilege of being recorded on several albums and touring with established local singer/ songwriters, both in Australia and across to his homeland of New Zealand, performing at music festivals and the like.

Booking information:

0459 352 807

Email: browndogmusic@yahoo.com.au

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BrowndogMutleys

Empire Blues Empire Blues

Empire Blues is an established, dynamic Blues Power trio whose primary influences come from the British Blues invasion of the 1960s. Initially the band took its material from this period, but over time it has moved to performing more original material in the belief that for Blues music to evolve, you cant keep just repeating the past.

Formed in 2005 the band features prominent Western Australian Blues musicians:

Andrew McIlroy (guitar/vocal)
Alan Dawson (bass guitar/vocal)
Frank Shinall (drums)

All three musicians have been stalwarts of the Perth music scene for many years.

High-energy blues is very much the staple of the band, which has a well-earned reputation for lifting the roof off many a blues venue. The band also brings together more traditional elements to many of its songs through the use of Dobro-slide guitar, fretless bass and brushes on the drums for an acoustic (not roots) blues feel.

Together with great original tracks from their two full length CD releases, Empire Blues (self Titled) & Blue Diamonds, the band also covers material from, John Mayall, Eric Clapton/ Cream, The Rolling Stones, Robin Trower, The Animals and many other great British blues artists.

Empire Blues have played at:
Blues at Bridgetown Festival - 2008, 09, 10 & 13
Yanchep Inn Blues Festival and
Peel Blues & Roots Festival,

Have supported international blues artists:
Hans Theesick,
Eugene Bridges and
Jan Preston.

Other supports include:
Ian Moss,
Dave Hole,
Louis King and the Liars,
and countless others.
Andrew has also performed at Buddy Guy's Legends Bar in Chicago USA, and Alan has performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (twice) and the Eastern Haze Festival (UK)

Please feel free to visit: www.empireblues.com

Live footage at:

Contact Details:
Andrew McIlroy: 0417 955 316, a.mcilroy@iinet.net.au
Alan Dawson: 0407 989 128, witzend@highway1.com.au
See our website at:

Home Brew Home Brew

"Home Brew is without doubt one best kept secret as far as blues are concerned, in WA" (Mike Hall President of South West Blues Club)

Home Brew has a huge following in the south west and in particular at the blues club where they have been the house band for over five years. On the back of their successful eastern states appearances and launch of their original CD "Cynical Swing" at the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival in 2008 the band has developed a unique and distinctive blues style, characterised by driving rhythm and soaring guitar punctuated by unison playing of the sax and harmonica that gives an almost brass section quality to the sound. Their range of blues styles has been called "eclectic" and the band draws on the many influences of its members to give a top quality show.

Home Brew appear regularly at Bridgetown Blues Festival and performed at the Australian Blues Music Festival in 2009 and are off to Blues on Broadbeach festival on the Gold Coast in May for their 2nd appearance. The recent edition of Peter Chorltons on guitar and Jayden Williamson on drums (recently named in the top ten young drummers in the country) have given the band an extra dimension and versatility to its sure-fire crowd pleasing approach to the blues. Throw in 'occasional' sixth member Al Rogers and his Texan style hot guitar playing and you have a great combination of players and approaches.

The Band is:

Chris Gibbs - Lead Vocals & Harmonica
Peter Chorlton - Guitar
Mal Toft - Sax
Carl Holroyd - Bass
Jayden Williamson - Drums
The 'occasional' Al Rogers - Guitar

check us out at: www.homebrewbluesband.net
and www.southwestbluesclub.org

Kerry B Ryan Kerry B Ryan

An exciting and soulful Blues guitarist with sweet Blues tones, born in North QLD, now living in the hills outside Perth WA.

Playing electric blues inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, B.B King, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others. But has his own style, playing with heart and soul drawing on a wide range of influences, Kerry gives all to his performances whether solo or with his band - always aiming to give the audience the best show he can.

Kerry lives a varied life, starting his working life at 14 - working on cattle stations in north QLD, carrying a guitar with him from place to place, sitting-in with bands from the age of 16, but not joining a band until moving to Western Australia - where he started working in a local music store. After playing in Blues bands for 15 years and doing the country circuit for 8 years, Kerry put down the guitar to raise a family and went back to breaking horses, and making saddlery.

Returning to music in 2010, he has since released his first CD recorded completely at home on a 8-track titled "Blues for my sweety", played at many venues around WA and is now recording his 2nd CD.

The music he plays ranges from straight up electric blues to acoustic and resonator style blues. Playing Blues clubs around Western Australia, as well as folk clubs, pub venues and has played large blues and folk events - such as Bridgetown Blues and roots, here in WA.

Contact info: kerryryan@iinet.net.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kerry-b-ryan-127768100724708

Website: http://kerrybryanbluesexperience.com/

Loaded Denim Loaded Denim

The boys are back in town!

After a 7 year hiatus and two phone calls, Loaded Denim has reformed with the addition of rhythm guitarist (and school teacher) Derek Cumpsty.

With their first rehearsal after almost a decade, the boys all agreed that it was like they had never separated. It was clear that the spark that made them such a tight unit was still there. Originally a 3-piece outfit, the sound of this seasoned band has gone from strength to strength with the addition of Derek's solid rhythm guitar.

Lead vocalist, bass player, Phil Arena teaches at a Perth University and has been playing in bands for most of his life since the age of 11. Always in demand as a session bass player, Phil became an original member of the Universal Blues Band, whose CD, 'Get on the blues train' was released in 2000 to international acclaim. The Universal Blues Band were featured at the Bridgetown Blues festival the same year and were given a 5-star rating by reviewer Lorry Cole who labelled them as 'show stoppers' and observing how the audience were, "blown away by the whole band's sheer talent".

Drummer, Dave Harris is a trade assistant who first drummed with bands in the UK when he was 15. Coming to Australia in 1981, Dave has played in various rock and blues bands in Perth and surrounding areas. In the 1990s Dave performed at most of Perth's jam nights including regular spots at the Perth Blues Club. Dave retired from playing around the year 2000 and took up skydiving. He is now an instructor and camera flyer, having completed over 3000 jumps. Dave quickly 'jumped' at the opportunity to reform Loaded Denim.

Lead guitarist John Cumpsty (another teacher) also has been playing guitar for many years and was a member of one of the first 'big' bands to play around Perth. His influences are far and wide and he never fails to please the crowd with his wonderful guitar performances.

In the 1990s, Loaded Denim was a familiar entity in the Mandurah, Rockingham area, playing gigs throughout the southwest. Their selection of classic blues and rock includes crowd-pleasing tunes from bands such as Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Following their reunion, they have played at the revived West Coast Blues Club Jam nights at the Safety Bay Yacht Club, and private functions including a tribute performance at the annual 'Mumbles Meet' at Hillman Farm, Darkan.

Guitar - Derek Cumpsty
Lead Vocals & Bass - Phil Arena
Drums - Dave Harris
Guitar - John Cumpsty

Matty T Wall Matty T Wall

The blues is music that traveled on trains and steamboats from the Mississippi Delta to the neon streets of Memphis, Chicago and St. Louis. For Matty T Wall - a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and bandleader it is the supernatural sound that crossed the ocean to Perth, Australia to ignite his imagination and give power to his art.

A young man with an old soul: Matty is connected to music with a wealth of history as he distills a diversity of genres into his own blues-influenced soul, jazz and rock signature. His points of references are wide; he has studied and played a spectrum of styles including flamenco, swing jazz and funk, and he attests to a love for heavier things in his youth, bands like Metallica and Sepultura among them. But he remembers how the musicians he admired would honor the blues masters who came before them. And following the trail of Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn backwards, he was hooked. I discovered Robert Johnson and he made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, he remembers. I got into the blues and have never gotten out of it.

As a guitarist, Matty wrings raw emotions from single notes, stretching and bending the strings of a Les Paul into sounds both persuasive and human. While he is capable of blazingly fast leads, he also drives the beat with percussive punctuation and solid assurance.

With his vocals, he coils along the lines of the guitar. I enjoy using my voice as another instrument, he avows. He says that his songs are primarily riff-driven, and he compiles his musical notations into a catalog of 50-100 concepts that he can call up when lyrical inspiration strikes.

In performance, Matty fronts a band of seasoned pros to support his songs. His preferred configuration is a trio: where the guitar has plenty of air around it. Sometimes playing with a bigger band is a strait jacket, he observes. With a trio I can go crazy.

While the music that Matty plays has roots in the past, he is a very much an artist in the present. Through his reverence for historic musical forms, he is not emulating, but redefining these sounds, as he introduces classic genres to new listeners and invests them with his own trademark.

With plans to record in Australia and the U.S., and to hit the road touring, Matty T Wall is headed toward the proverbial destination of the bluesmen: the crossroads. I am like an elastic band pulled really tight, ready to go, he says. Thats how I feel about my music.

Matty T Wall - Guitarist, Vocalist
Jazz Miller - Drummer
Stephen Walker - Backup Vocalist, Bassist

Website: https://www.mattytwall.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattytwall/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mattytwall/
Email: info@mattytwall.com

Midnight Jammers Dr John and the Midnight Jammers

Dr John and The Midnight Jammers have dug deep into the back catalogue of blues and have come up with songs and a sound that blends rootsy riffs with raw grooves. Think Howling Wolf meets Buddy Guy !!

Mixing rare blues gems with original numbers, The Jammers have found a fresh new sound that makes you want to jump and jive. With Al Fulurija on Drums - laying down a solid back beat, Ian Parkin on Bass - locking in the pulsing bass grooves, Phil (the slide master) Pearson - adding searing solos on his old strat and jumpin' John (the Doctor) Smoker - growling his way across the stage adding riffs on his Lucille Gibson and wailing into his old Marine Band harps, you are bound for a rockin' good night as Dr John and The Midnight Jammers roll you down the tracks through their back catalogue blues.

Mike Elrington Mike Elrington

With his blistering guitar playing, soulful, gut-wrenching vocals and innovative songwriting, twenty-eight year old Mike Elrington is quickly showing promise as one of the most exciting young performers in Australia today.

Whether working with his three-piece electric band or as an acoustic solo act, Mike's original mix of driving Blues/ Rock /Pop and Acoustic Folk/Rock delivers with raw passion and dynamite in every performance.

In March 2003, Mike completed his first interstate tour in Tasmania where he performed state-wide on ABC radio and was received exceptionally well by a crowd of over 1000 people at The Forth Valley Blues Festival.

In March 2004, Mike was asked back again to headline The Forth Valley Blues Festival in front of a crowd of over 1500 people.

Mike's first solo release - "Too Good to be True" (Produced by Peter "Reggie" Bowman) is an exceptionally well-crafted mix of Blues/ Rock/ Pop with a modern contemporary edge. It also features the outstanding vocal talents of rising star Mia Dyson on the title track. Since its release, "Too Good to be True" has received rave reviews, extensive amounts of airplay on Blues/Roots radio shows all over Australia and last year the track "Better Days" made the top ten finalists in the blues category of the national MusicOz Awards.

In March 2005, Mike completed his first tour of the United States where he headlined a sold-out show at Biscuits & Blues in San Francisco and was also fortunate enough to perform at a wide range of venues all over the country, including The 930 Blues Cafe in Jackson, Mississippi and Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago.

With his creative efforts now fully focused on a solo career, Mike is now based in Melbourne to further pursue his vision of taking his own blend of Blues/ Rock/ Roots based music into the new Millennium.

With interstate tours constantly booked, album no.2 on the way and plans to travel to the USA again in 2010, expect big things to come from this exceptionally passionate and gifted young artist.

Moonshine Trust Moonshine Trust

The Hills Blues Club at The Mount Helena Tavern was the birthplace of the Moonshine Trust in 2012.

After meeting at an open mike night where Allan "Hedge" Lester sat in for a few songs on saxes and harmonica with the already established trio of PJ Whillier on lead guitars, slide guitar and lap steel guitar and vocals, Brad (Tex) Hawdon on bass and vocals, and in demand session drummer Tony Edwards, things really got cooking. Like a fine sour mash, a powerful spirit has been distilled out of rock, blues and jazz in a trust founded on good times and good music.

The Moonshine Trust are four seasoned musicians that have played in many bands over the journey, but have found the right fit with this combo.

It's early days for us, but we are currently recording our first album of original songs for release later this year.

So please keep an eye on this site for updates on recording and upcoming gigs, and check out some of the live stuff from the Perth Blues Club right now on www.moonshinetrust.com.

Friends,you can even like us on Facebook!

Oh, and we do love Bourbon Whiskey!

Paul Daly & The Heavy Hitters Paul Daly &
The Heavy Hitters

With a combined 200+ years experience of live performance credentials Paul Daly and the Heavy Hitters can rightfully lay claim to being Australia’s premium power Rhythm and Blues band.

Internationally acclaimed front man, Paul Daly, steers the Heavy Hitters - Ace Follington on drums, Roy Daniel on bass guitar, Russell Smith on guitar - through an exceptional range of Chicago Blues standards from Howling Wolf to Butterfield, interspersed with a cluster of R&B originals.

Daly’s passionate and powerful rendition of R&B standards and originals is widely respected by his musical peers, R&B aficionados and audiences, with his scorching harp playing capturing the essence of Chicago Blues power. Daly consistently delivers a V8 performance every time he performs and he is continually building the reality that power R&B is alive and well.

Russell Smith is a true veteran of the Australian rock industry as he has continuously performed from the late 1960’s with some of the most innovative bands that Australia has produced. When you consider his involvement with bands such as Company Cain, Mighty Kong, Billy T, Jeff St John and Goanna Band, his contribution to Australian music can be considered legendary. Russell is regarded as one of the greatest guitar exponents of R&B, reggae and rock styles working today.

Roy Daniel would have to be considered a true veteran of Perth’s blues and rock scene as he has played live continuously since the late 1960’s with legendary bands such as Fatty Lumpkin, Matt Taylor and Chain and with Dave Hole. Together with Ace Follington, Roy has established one of the most respected rhythm sections on the West Coast. They have not only backed many international R&B performers, but also continue to back and support some of the most innovative musicians that the West Coast has produced.

Check them out at their current regular spot - at the South Street Alehouse, 277 South Street, Hilton. Saturday Nights, 9pm until late. Free Entry.

Also, have a look at their myspace page and listen to some of their latest original songs...  Go to

For further information:-
Contact Lynne Cronin at "Jump Music", on 0428 326 560.

Resonator Resonator

One of Perth's most entertaining cover bands, a three-piece outfit with a big, fat and fulfilling sound, is Resonator. The band plays pub rock & boogie classics from a wide range of styles, including electric rock, lowdown blues, acoustic country and funky grooves.

The history of Resonator goes back to around '98 or '99, when they were hosting regular jam nights around Perth in various line-ups. Since then, they have honed their live show into a lethal weapon.

The current line-up of Geoff, Mal and Ric was established around the end of '99, although any performance may include a visit from a guest performer. Electric Rock, Lowdown Blues, Acoustic Country, Funky Grooves, a three-piece outfit with a big, fat and fulfilling sound, they have been joined on stage by the likes of Matt Taylor, Lindsay Wells, Powershift, Rick Steele, Lloyd Spiegel, and John Meyers, to name but a few!

Shinkickers Shinkickers
Pumping out the coolest blues and spine tingling Celtic magic are "The Shinkickers", who - in 2010, celebrated their 15th anniversary. An amazing feat for a Perth band, who started out as an acoustic 4-piece outfit that simply came together to play some blues at The Rosemount Hotel.

Over the years the band has grown, as has the fan base of this perennial favourite. The guys could play in a shed in the... Gibson Desert and they'd still get their dedicated family of fans and followers, such is the musical calibre of the band.

With the likes of:-
Pete Romano, up front, with his powerhouse vocals and harmonica and guitars
Gerry Quigley and his eclectic collection of guitars, amongst which are his no.1 (as he likes to call it) a 1968 Les Paul gold-top, a Fender Stratocaster, a mandolin, Dobro and a double-neck - one-of-a-kind mandola/ bouzouki
Terry Pugh, the man with the mountain of keyboards - who plays the Hammond organ, piano, synthesizer and piano accordion
Leroy Cleaver on drums, with his solid backbone style and rocking beats
and last, but by no means least, bass player Greg Thomson with his melodic rhythmic sounds

The Shinkickers will take you on a musical journey - a magical mystery tour for sure.
One that will make you want to go back for more... Time and time, and time again.

You can visit The Shinkickers on:-

Or, email them at:-

Sonic Sonic are a local versatile, high-energy five piece rock cover band.

The band consists of Richard Taylor guitar/vocal, Mike Hodge bass/vocal, Mark Nelson drums/vocal, Cliff Kinneen keys/vocal, Steve Cotterill guitar/vocal.

Mick and Steve first met at Rockingham High school, struck up a friendship and it wasn't long before they had their first band up and playing local, many years and many band's on Sonic is the latest venture these local lads find themselves in.

All of Sonic's members have many years experience playing in live band situations in and around Perth and also abroad.

Mark, Rich and Mick have all played in bands in the UK separate and together, while Cliff has shared the stage locally with artists such as Dragon, INXS, and Cold Chisel.

Jaded by the regular Perth live scene, where most bands are expected by booking agents to conform to fairly standard set list of time honoured songs and pop.

This five piece incarnation of Sonic was put together as a project to fill a musical void! and get the guys back to their roots playing some real classic rock, with passion and energy, just like it was meant to be played with real drums, guitars and keys!

No-holds-barred, live, loud and rocking !

'Sonic' perform covers from AC/DC to ZZ Top and everything in between. Their repertoire spans across five decades, including the best songs from the 60's to the current top 40.

Remember, it sounds better when it's 'Sonic'.

Steely Blues - Photos by Adam Johns edited by Teresa Steely Blues

Steely Blues are a rockin' blues outfit fronted by newest member vocalist Teresa Scerri with Tim Halse on lap steel, Greg Lewis on bass and Graham Johnson on drums. Their sound is driven by relentless rhythms and searing steel licks.

Lap steel guitarist Tim Halse is a firebrand and pioneer in his own right. He has developed a unique, double-slide approach to playing lap steel. His YouTube videos have featured on the Steel Guitar Forum - drawing praise from slide and lap players around the world.

Greg Lewis on bass and Graham Johnson (drums) are a potent rhythm section. These guys are veterans of blues construction - tension and release, shadow and substance, mild and muscle. Blues that tell a story.

Steely Blues cut their teeth the hard way... playing prisons. Rows of hard blokes in prison greens: tattooed, goateed and arms crossed. No dark rooms or synthetic fog to hide behind. This is what the blues is all about!

Check out the Steely Blues Facebook page:

Steve Tallis Steve Tallis

Steve started playing music in 1962. Music is his calling. From birth he was surrounded by the music of his Macedonian ancestors and the ethnic music of Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Listening to live music at picnics and dances as a small child opened his mind and spirit to trance-like rhythms, improvisation and chanting. He started listening to the sounds on the radio Bob Dylan, Them, Animals, Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann, Jimi Hendrix, Yardbirds, Kinks, Loved Ones, Spectrum, etc. He searched back further to the roots of the music he loved - and then back to the source - Africa.

Steve is an Australian Griot, a Blues Shaman. He has lived and performed in the USA, Europe, Mexico and Asia - supporting some of the biggest names in music: eg Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, BB King, Mick Jagger, Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon and the Animals (see website for full listing). Influences include Leadbelly, John Coltrane, Tim Buckley, Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra, Tony Williams Lifetime, Van Morrison, Howling Wolf, Tom Waits, Jack Bruce, Kip Hanrahan and Bob Dylan.

African, Indian, Haitian and Islamic music have all had a spiritual and rhythmic influence on his own work. His love of blues, gospel and a cappella field hollers shows both in his live shows and recordings. Two lifelong ambitions came true when he toured India in 1997 and Pakistan in 2003. Explorations into Vodou, Tantra, Buddhism, Sufism, The Bible, Hinduism, Taoism and Native American Indians have affected him deeply.

Awards include Songwriter Of The Year, Most Original Work, and Album Of The Year . Steve was also inducted into Western Australia Music Industry's Hall of Fame and is featured in the books - Who's Who of Australian Rock and Blues, Working Musicians and Further Down the Road.

His Eight-CD Box Set - Anthology Volume One: The Sacred Path of The Fried Egg Maylands To The Gates of Hell (1962-2001) is a piece of Australian music history. The first time in Australian music history that an independent solo artist has released a box set.

Steve was also awarded an Arts WA Contemporary Music Fellowship in 2003 to study, compose and tour with master musicians in Africa, India and Greece. He has been living in Paris for the last 9 years.. with regular tours back to his home town - but is now back in Australia for a while.

Steve Tallis is unique, fiercely-independent and is not a man to compromise.


Steve's lineup (The Snakes of Desire) for July 21st 2018 is :

Rupert Guenther - Violin - Rupert is an original artist spanning classical, blues and world music, with over 27 albums since 2003. He has a European classical training and was formerly a sideman to the stars. He now enjoys playing more personal shows to local audiences.

Phil Bailey - Bass - Phil has played with many bands over the last 40 years including Dave Warner, The Dugites, Rogues, Nick Turner Conspiracy etc and with previous line-ups with Steve (eg Fried Egg, Troublemakers, etc)

Murray Campbell - Drums - Murray has played with many bands over the years eg A2Z, Beatworld.... a unique drummer and percussionist.


Steve Tallis
Zombi Music
PO Box 8327
PBC 6849
Western Australia


Phone (Australia) 0470 348 203
Phone (France) + 33 07 58 61 55 40
Skype: stevetallis

Stumptown Stumptown

When you find yourself in a place like Stumptown, chances are you didn't go there for a vacation. Your days are probably dedicated to earning coin and not a lot else. But by day's end you won't want to do anything more than to slake your thirst, kick back and relax.

These four Stumptown boys were born on the land, grew up knowing the good life wasn't going to be handed to them on a plate, but they were told that if they worked hard they could make it. Outback towns teach you the importance of sticking together and that's exactly what these boys did. They had a hankering for the blues and they knew how to play. In a small town word travels fast and it wasn't long before they got a following.

Hound Dog Dave (Bassett) lead vocalist and harp player, Ron Kinson lead guitar, Martin Boyd on the four stringer and Michael Stewart on the skins.

For band hire or media details:
Call Dave Bassett on 0438 467 505
Or email: info@stumptown.band


TH and the Esquires TH and the Esquires

TH and the Esquires originally met at a jam session and then formed in 2007 to do a one-gig showcase for the West Coast Blues Club.

Since that time, the four-piece has performed at many gigs for the club.

Carrying a mix of BB King, Freddie King, Canned Heat and John Mayall, you will be immersed in Blues classics. Enjoy!

Go to The Hips' site The Hips  first played together 30 years ago, under the name "Spinifex". They reformed early in 2006 for Johnnie Smoker's 50th birthday party, and shortly after that decided to re-launch themselves as "The Hip Replacements" - later shortening the name to "The Hips".

Their name not only reflects their humour, but the fact that they also recognize the inevitable effects of the aging process - no mid-life crises here.

In terms of their musical direction, their preference is to play rhythm and blues music, particularly Chicago Blues. From their understanding, Chicago Blues was the first electric/ amplified music and predates rock 'n' roll by 10-15 years. As an example, one of the songs they play, The T-Bone Shuffle, is reputedly the first song recorded with an electric guitar (1939).

The majority of their current repertoire is made up of classic songs by Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin' Wolf, Lazy Lester, and Robert Johnson - all artists that recorded in the 1930s and '40s, mostly in Chicago.

At this stage they are a cover band, albeit that many young people wouldn't be aware of it. They have talked about writing their own songs and this is something they hope to explore in the future.

Generally they love the songs they play and honour the history behind them - hopefully that is also reflected in their performance. Essentially they are a dance band that likes to infuse their audience with the same good feeling that comes from playing this great music.

Band members are:

 * Howie Smallman: Harp/ Vocals
 * John Smoker: Guitar/ Mandolin/ Vocals
 * Dave Milroy: Guitar/ Dobro/ Vocals
 * Phil Riseborough: Drums/ Vocals
 * Mark Lynch: Bass

Perth Blues Club
Past Gigs 2010

Check out The Hips' website:

Vibrolators The Vibrolators

Those Wild West Coast Hipsters of the Blues are back.

You're bound to have seen them pop up in some context at some point during the past 15 years.

The band has since the very beginning immersed itself in the Blues, following the journey wherever it takes them. From longstanding local residencies at pubs and clubs to major festivals & tours nationwide.

After a well-deserved recharge, the boys are yet again strapping on the archtop guitars, tensioning the catgut & buffing up the brass, this time combining forces with Miss Peta Lee and the wonderful Alison Penney (NSW) to launch their steaming fresh CD "Frangipani".

The Vibrolators pack a formidable edge - and combined with two of Australia's top female blues performers, they are returning with a repertoire full of Swingin', Rockin', Surfin', Jumpin' & Jivin'... on record... and on stage.

So take a trip to the Edge, with The Vibrolators and Friends...

Tin Dog Tin Dog

At a time when their peers were listening to The Clash, Talking Heads and Dire Straits, school-mates John Loss and Bill Lawrie found themselves tuned into the scratchy sounds of Buddy Guy, Sonny Terry and Lightning Hopkins. Back then, ten dollars could buy you a bag full of old blues vinyls in reasonable condition.

They were haunted by the raw, intense, early recordings of Muddy Waters and Hank Williams, the hypnotic riffs of Howling Wolf and the quirky interpretations of Ry Cooder. They found themselves absorbed by lonesome, hazy recordings made as far back as the 1930's and 40's.

It is from this journey in and around the fringes of the blues that emerged the hybrid sounds of Tin Dog.

Starting out as a trio with a tea-chest bass in 1993, the band performed at the inaugural Bridgetown Blues Festival and returned regularly with bassist Bob Thomson.

When Paul Gioia (keyboards) joined the line up in 1999, the repertoire broadened to include some Chicago Blues and Spirituals.

Andrew Winton added more depth to the sound with his Stratocaster and slide playing and in 2002, Tin Dog recorded 'She's Gone' at the ABC studios with stand-up drummer Reuben Cooperman.

In 2004, the band went into hibernation and after a break of 3 years, reformed to play once more at Bridgetown, with the help of drummer, Paul Novosel. Paul generated some new energy for the Dogs and in March 2008, they put down their second album.

'Nothing But Trouble' was officially launched on Friday August 15th 2008, at the Fly by Night Club in Fremantle.

This six piece line up is much more than just a blues act. Their larrikin stage presence, irreverent interpretations and their musical expertise make for a unique and entertaining band.

Tin Dog CD Launch 2008
Press Release

Zack Linton Trio Zack Linton Trio

Zack Linton is a 19 year-old guitar player, who has been playing the Blues since he was 8 years-old. He has put together a new band called the Zack Linton Trio, which has its musical foundations in the Blues, whilst covering a range of musical genres from Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Funk and Jazz. The rhythm section, with Joseph on bass and Don on drums, provide the groove and foundation to the music.

The Zack Linton trio have been playing for about a year. They cover many different types of music and have been performing at Parties, Blues Clubs and Hotel gigs. They play covers of Blues and Rock classics, artists such as SRV, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Eric Clapton, as well as writing and performing their own originals. The Goals of the Band include becoming a Professional Live Performance Band and recording their own original music.

The band will be performing at the 2013 Bridgetown Blues Festival, 9 & 10 November, on the West Coast Blues Club's Lottery West stage.

P.O. Box 638, Rockingham, WA 6968 Webmaster: Nick Leach –  westcoastblues2001@yahoo.com.au
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